Hi pistachio fans,

This is a quick review of some pistachios we received as a gift from a traveler through Nepal !

These pistachios are medium to large and the white color of the shell doesn’t look too reassuring as it remind us of some bad pistachios reviewed from Vietnam and Myanmar.

As a disclaimer, these have been in a bag for many months and traveled quite a lot through many countries, so optimal freshness and humidity level is not guaranteed.

Unshelled, these look pretty bad as some have some spider a webby white substance, a dry appearance and some have weird dark colors. We were expecting a mute crack when unshelling these as it often the case of some bad pistachios but there was an audible one.

As for the taste, these feel very squishy and plasticy and old when you bite them.. but do have a very stale intensely bad but pistachioy taste. This makes us think that one day these might have been ok.

We couldn’t  eat more than a couple and we didn’t unshell all of them for fear of a nepalese insects hiding in them but we did try 3 and a half and the verdict is that these are bad and were maybe good one of these days when they were packaged. My opinion is that these were not that good to start with but might have had a respectable crunch and flavour.

We give these a 2/5 but take it with a grain of salt as they have not been stored in optimal condition. We’ll go to beautiful Nepal and try to review these or other pistachios from there in better conditions !

Have a nice day and happy crackin’ !