Hi Pistachio fans,

After a loop around the world from east to west which brought you reviews of delicious pistachios from places like Oman and Bosnia Herzegovina, and other not so delicious ones from places such as Vietnam and Myanmar,  we find ourselves back in Mexico for a bit of beach time and of course trying out and reviewing pistachios for you.  We already reviewed some pistachios from Oaxaca state about a year ago near the beautiful beach of Zipolite, and today we bring you a small review of some supermarket pistachios near the surfing town of Puerto Escondido.


Puerto escondido is a city in the coast of Oaxaca state surrounded by smaller communes and beaches such as Mazunte, Zipolite and la Punta that are worth visiting if you like surfing, beaches, and a laid back atmosphere. The pistachios we are reviewing today are actually from the center of the actual city of Puerto Escondido also referred to as the ‘centro’ from a supermarket called Chedraoui. You can also find some good tacos al pastor in the centro.. leave us a comment if you’re interested in local taquerias and we’ll send you some recommendation from places we’ve tried and approved.


Visual Aspect

These pistachios come in a small styrofoam container wrapped in plastic wrap. At first sight, the pistachios don’t look too bad. The shells don’t look bleached, the size does look a bit small and the colors correct if not a bit faded. Would this translate into dry flavorless pistachios? Let’s find out.


The crack of these pistachios was not very loud which perhaps can be associated with nonoptimal roasting level or maybe humidity. An inferior crunchiness seems to confirm this hypothesis.

Unshelled Chedraui Pistachios

There is some pistchio flavor and the saltiness is not overbearing.  These pistachios however are pistachios that you should eat with the lights on so that you can check for fungus and other nasties. For example this unshelled pistachios has strange holes in it and looks weird and not so fresh.

holy pistachio
this one is not looking good


These smallish supermarket pistachios, marketed as Mr. Pistac were not the greatest. It could be due to the salty beach air or inferior quality but still had some flavor and good saltiness.

We give these pistachios a 2.9/5. As for the beaches of Oaxaca a 4/5.

Are you in Mexico? have you found some delicious pistachios we should try? Let us know in the comments !