Hi pistachio fans,

Today we will talk about some pistachios found during a trip to Lithuania to try to make up to someone I cared about. While explanations and apologies were (deservedly)  not accepted, it was a real pleasure to briefly visit the beautiful old city of Vilnius, try some local soups and dishes such as Cepelinaior potato dumplings stuffed with meat and beetroot soup and relax in a warm café drinking cappuccino before strolling on the icy medieval streets of old Vilnius.


The pistachios in question are these. A nicely packaged 150 g brown bag with a picture of two good looking pistachios on the front. In the back, ingredients are listed, number of calorie and what we guess is a date limit for consuming these at their best.

Lithuanian Pistachios
Lithuanian Pistachios
Lithuanian Pistachios from Vilius – Back of the bag

These pistachios are salty and not too crunchy. They are really flavorful though for a supermarket pistachio. Visually they have a very nice healthy green color to them and taste quite fresh. There are some closed pistachios in the bag and the size is smallish, but the present pistachio flavor and the freshnes make up for it.

Overall a great snacking pistachio that you should pick up if you’re ever in the baltics or visiting the pretty city of Vilnius. We give these a nice 4/5 .

Are you in the Baltics? Have you tried these pistachios? Leave us a comment !