Hello pistachio lovers,

Today we bring to you our thoughts on some pistachios discovered while walking in the laid back capital of Sofia in Bulgaria !

While walking a bit around the center of Sofia,  we stumbled into a shop that looked very promising. With a large choice of roasted nuts of all kinds.The nuts were nicely organized and labeled, the service was good, and the choice incredible. From party peanuts with sour cream, roasted sunflower seeds and almonds, and of course, the reason we are here, beautiful roasted salted pistachios.

 The shop itself is called пекарна эа ядки which according to google translate means “bakery Beverly nuts” which is probably wrong but it’s google translate. The producer of these pistachios seems to be a company called Rois.

Visual Aspect

After ordering a couple hundred grams of roasted salted pistachios, these were promptly put into a small brown bag which would not wait to try. Looking inside the bag, we can immediately tell that these are gonna be good.  Big beige beat up shells with a salt dust cloud touching the various surfaces of the shells and the very visible insides of these pistachios. The shape is round, full, and inviting. The color


A good crunch is the first thing we noticed. The salt level seems to be perfectly appropriate, and the pistachios themselves are big, hearty, and good solid consistency. We cannot say that these have a plant flavor or a subtle floral flavor but these are very tasty and filling nonetheless.

We had just tried some really good hazelnuts from the same shop right before so that that could have slightly influenced the first taste of these pistachios but we are happy to tell you that the taste was pretty consistent throughout the bag.

unshelled pistachios


The are solid pistachios. Not only because of their volume and shape but also because of their great crunchiness, consistent taste, and the fact that none of the pistachios were closed.  While they not have a unique or necessarily out of this world flavor they are tasty and worth the detour. We give these pistachios a score of 4/5.

Are you in Bulgaria? Did you try these? Let us know in the comments !