After trying some really good pistachios from Romania, we bring to you today a pistachio review from the beautiful country of Bosnia Herzegovina. After crossing the border from Serbia, the land changed into beautiful lakes and forests and mountains leading us to the capital of Sarajevo.

Going through Bosnia Herzegovina
Going through Bosnia Herzegovina

Here,  you can enjoy some delicious Burek stuffed with ground beef, visit the beautiful medieval city of Mostar, have some coffee and pistachio baklava, and wander around the streets to get a feel of the the fascinating cultural melting pot of this beautiful and fascinating country.

While walking around the old town of Sarajevo, we noticed a shop called “TR. BUTIK BADEM” that seemed quite popular. It had a column on the side layered with different types of nuts and seemed to be the type of place to find some pistachios to review.

Visual Aspect

These look quite good and fresh. They are pretty long and skinny and have salt dust visibly sticking on the shells.  Unshelled they still look quite good and fresh but with a distinct reddish purplish hue.


In addition to a perfect saltiness (maybe too much for some), these pistachios pack some very good flavor. What is more, the crunchiness of these pistachios  is definitely on point. Eating a few of these will make you want to eat more so they are quite addictive.

Unshelled pistachios from Bosnia Herzegovina


These pistachios are great, Bosnia and Herzegovina is beautiful and you should visit.  We give these pistachios 4.2/5

Are you in the Balkans? Did you try these pistachios? Do you love pistachios? Let us know in the comments !