For our first review of European pistachios ever, we bring you a taste test of a small bag of pistachios purchased from a supermarket in downtown Bucharest Romania and tested on the same train we took from Bucharest to Bulgaria in which we reviewed some pistachios from Myanmar.

Usually when something is self proclaimed “Best” or any similar adjectives in its name it’s usually not a good sign. It’s like hotels that call themselves Lux or Quality.. but let’s give this small bad a chance shall we?


A small 50g bag of roasted pistachios. Ingredients contain 1% iodised salt, and may contain gluten. Some of the companies listed in the bag are “BEST NUTS SRL”,, OHONOS SNACK A.B.E. and  It is after testing these pistachios and reviewing which pictures to upload to the blog did we realise the IRAN label next to the expiration date. This would explain the elongated size of these pistachios and the taste which as you will see was a really nice surprise.

Visual Aspect

Long pretty pistachios of a very good elongated size. These have a bit of a reddish hue and with fine salt on the yellow beige shells.

Shelled Pistachios “Best Nuts” from Romania


Unshelled, we can see a nice fresh green color, with purplish and brownish hues on the outside skin.


Unshelled "Best Nuts" pistachios from Romania


These have a very nice crunchiness and a saltiness that is just right not overbearing. The crunchiness can be described as buiscuity but not in a bad way (not sweet). A very solid taste and a quality that can be described as superior.


These are really good, that’s for sure and if they are indeed imported from Iran it would explain the good taste and the non typical shape. With a very good amount of saltiness, and the percentage of logn and easily opened pistachios (despite a few closed ones), these pistachios win a respectable score of 4/5.

Are you in Romania ? have you tried these pistachios? Let us know in the comments what you think !