Myanmar was a very interesting place to visit. From beautiful golden temples such as the shwedagon in Yangon, to the ancient city of Bagan to trekking around Hsipaw, this country has a lot to offer especially in terms of culture and adventure. Today, we bring you a review of pistachios purchased from Yangon and snacked on during a train ride from Bucharest Romania, to Sofia Bulgaria.


This bag of pistachios which we purchased from a small shop in the old town of Yangon is very flashy, colorful and inviting ! With its sparkly colors, happy pistachio cartoon character, and well sealed packaging,  it makes us curious if the contents match.

Front of sanhong pistachios
Front of sanhong pistachios

On the package, we can see some chinese text, some japanese text on the top, a logo of the producing company ? SANHONG, and the net weight. In english, Pistachios is written in the center. The back lists the ingredients in both english and chinese and informs us that these pistachios come from Guangzhou Dingjia Food co. in Guangzhou, China.

Back of sanhong pistachios
Back of sanhong pistachios

Visual Aspect

Opening the bag, we can see immediately that the shells are very white. They also seem a bit unnatural. Some shells are broken and the insides look a bit dark. Some shells have a green tinge on them.  This is worrisome as it could mean that the shells were bleached to make them look good. As we we know from reviewing other pistachios including these ones in Vietnam, bleached shells can also hide subpar contents.. but let us not judge a book by it’s cover and crack some these and take a look.

shelled pistachios
shelled bleached? pistachios


Pictures speak louder than words.. and when you see the following picture you will understand.

Unshelled nasty pistachios
Unshelled nasty pistachios

Fungus, underdeveloped nuts, strange colors and textures.. this is how the first unshelled pistachios look like. These are not looking fresh.. but since we hate ourselves and we need to bring you honest and complete reviews we tried a few…

The first one didn’t taste good. It had a weird sweet taste. The first batch looked so bad that we unshelled a few other to find some that didn’t look like death.  More strange weird taste, the nuts stick to the shells, and the texture is biscuity but not in a good way.


These pistachios are horrible. We couldn’t eat more than 3. In general pistachios that taste like weird breakfasts with a weird sticky sweet taste are concerning. These pistachios go to the trash where they belong with the other bad pistachios we tried in Vietnam and which scarred our taste buds for many months later. While these are only 1100 Kyat ( 0.8 usd), you will need much more in therapy to forget the taste of these nuts from hell.  Save yourself and do not buy these. Score 0/5.