After driving many hours from southern Oman we found a small gas station shop that has a more varied choice of pistachios than the gas stations far in between the long  but fascinating roads from Salalah to Muscat. In this shop, we found this can of pistachios produced in Lebanon and called Castania.

Today we review these pistachios which we had the chance to snack on in a very different part of the world,  on a train from the european cities of Sofia in Bulgaria on the way to the capital of Serbia, Belgrade !



These pistachios come in a round can similar to a short pringles can with a clear plastic cap. On the back we can find some information like ingredients, a classic nutritional facts table, an iso certification, and information about the producer (Lebanese Roasting  Group). Some things to note about these pistachios: 7% Saturated fat, 6% sodium, 12% fiber a gram of sugar and 6 grams of proteins.



Opening the car

Once the can is opened, we can discern a dry and not necessarily nice smell. We can see yellow shells which are kind of beat up which we don’t mind. From experience white beautiful shells can hide some nasty surprises. The size seems good too, we can see medium to large pistachios.  The pistachios themselves open very easily which is cool and have a very nice purple and green color.

Castania pistachios - Inside


In addition to having  a good crunchiness, a solid taste and a reasonable amount of salt, these pistachios have a good character. A special thing we noticed about these specific pistachios is the almost meaty aftertaste or is it mushroomey ? Not in a bad way though as these look and taste pretty fresh. The size is quite good too and makes these a great snack.



A solid snack with character. A nice resealable can and easily opened shells cocooning well sized pistachios. We give these a 4/5.