So we’re back in the fantastic city of Mexico City after spending a few months in the Oaxacan coast !

Mexico City is a really cool and huge place ! Last time we stayed in the historical center which is very practical for visiting historical sights. This time we bring you a pistachio review from a different neighborhood, “Roma Norte”, a chill, eclectic, walkable, neighborhood with plenty of nice food to try and hangouts to discover.

In Roma Norte you can find a smallish public neighborhood market called Mercado de Medellin where you can find some good food but also pistachios,  so we purchased these ones that looked pretty good ! What did we think about them? Read on to find out  !

Visual Aspect

These look pretty good and have a nice medium to big size. They look pretty full and most of them look open.

Shelled pistachios in Mexico City Roma Norte
Shelled pistachios in Mexico City Roma Norte


Flavorful, with a good firmness. Unfortunately, a good crunch is missing and the structure doesn’t seem on par to the best pistachios we’re reviewed in places such as Bosnia Herzegovina or Oman.  The good pistachio flavor and the physical attributes such as size and openness kind of make up for it though. The saltiness amount is average but in a good way.

Unshelled pistachios mexico city roma norte



In summary, a good full pistachio with nice flavor and consistency with a slight downside for subpar crunch. These make very decent snacking pistachios though if you’re in Mexico City.  We give these pistachios a 3.9/5 !