We are back in the lively and intense city of tokyo, Japan where one can find so many different snacks and flavors ! Today, we skip the dried squid and give you a review of our first  japanese pistachios from “TON’s brand” !




The bag is a nice vertical bag but non-resealable, the labeling in the front is simple and clean with mostly japanese text except for TON’S Brand in red in the top. The back has more information including calorie contents and various other information all in Japanese.

The contents

The pistachios themselves look ok and have a nice medium size. While the green is not too intense, they don’t stand out as been old or not fresh.  Most of the pistachios open easily and we didn’t notice any completely closed pistachios.



These pistachios have a good hard consistency, are not too salty and also not too flavorful. The more we snacked on them, the crunchier they seemed. Some of them had a hint of a good flavor and made us wish there were more with similar taste. Overall these pistachios can be considered pretty bland but not bad, and on par with most pistachios we try from convenience stores in other countries.


We give 2.5 over 5 to these japanese pistachios. Not bad but not good. A firm average score.