Convenience store pistachios are usually not really good. They are usually not really bad as well as tested in Tokyo for example, but they usually lack the flavor and subtle nuances of what makes a delicious pistachio.

So when we were on our way to beautiful Indonesia, we decided to stop in Singapore for a few days to try out some 711 pistachios.

Singapore is pretty cool, especially around  India town, china town, and Arab st where you can find good food and interesting shops. A clean and organized modern melting pot with interesting surprises if you wander around a bit.

Back to our pistachios. First of all let’s talk about the packaging, where these pistachios come from and how they are visually presented.


This is a small 80g non resealable bag of pistachios. The funny thing about it is the non inspired label NUTS and the picture of random nuts (cashews, peanuts, wasabi balls?) for illustrative purposes only.  With a warning like that, you would think it’s an American product ! And it is. In the back a sticker indicates that it is indeed a product of the USA, packed in Malaysia, and moved to storage in Singapore before ending in our backpack for many days before this review. It was definitely not a cool, dry place as the warning on the package says we need to store these pistachios in so we’ll be try to take that into account.


Smell and Visual Aspect

A woody and sweet smell can be noticed once you open the bag. The pistachios are small to medium and some shells look beaten up. While the color of the nuts is pretty green, it’s not as vibrant as the ridiculous illustration.


So once we started snacking on these, we realised these are actually flavorful pistachios with a nice hard consistency despite not having  been stored in a cool dry location. Some shells contained some pistachios that were unreasonably small but most were good.

These pistachios also had the right amount of saltiness and a taste that lingers. This however doesn’t apply to all the pistachios in the bag so they lose a point for consistency.

Final words 

For a convenience store pistachio, these were actually not bad at all! They can be better if they had a bigger size and a more consistent flavor. We give these a respectable score of 3.5/5