After a superb road trip in Baja California, Mexico and reviewing a few pistachios from there, we crossed the border to good old USA to get some essentials from target and use the occasion to try some local pistachios.

This bag looked promising, these pistachios comes from a farm ! They are roasted, sea salted, and “heart healthy” ! Let’s dig in !

Target archer farms Roasted Pistachios
Target archer farms Roasted Pistachios

The packaging

The front of the packaging doesn’t look bad, understated with 2 prominent green colors, the archer farms logo, and a large transparent window showing you what you will get. The back contains more information such as the nutritional facts, the ingredients, and the very important warning “Contains Pistachio” !!

contains pistachio

Visual Aspect

The pistachio shells as you can see from the images look a bit beat up  and stained but are of a decent medium size. Once out of the bag,  it doesn’t look that promising too, but the taste test is the most important.

archer farms target pistachios out of the bag

Once, out of there shells, we can see some good bright green !



Taste and smell

Since this is a big bag, about 198g or 7 ounces, we tested it in two days. I tasted a bit better the second day but at first, after opening the bag that let out a strong musty and sweetish scent, the taste was a bit pasty and dry. It lacked flavor and had a medium saltiness but it had reasonable crunchiness.

These pistachios are pretty average. 2.5/5.

Are you in the US have you tried these pistachios? Let us know in the comments !