During our trip in magnificent baja california, we tried a few different pistachios. Most of them were a bit disappointing so when we found these pistachios in a random rest stop somewhere in the middle of the peninsula, we had to try them !

This is a review of “La Abeja” pistachios or the bee !


As you can see from the packaging, it’s a cute little image of a happy bee holding a skillet. A motto adorning the image tells the anticipating snacker that to try these is to be convinced of them ! Here ilovepistachio we take these statements very seriously.

Do these pistachios rise to the challenge? Let’s find out !

Visually they don’t look that great, a bit small, with shells that look a bit worn out or discolored, the smell while pistachioyee also had a bit of a roasted smell going on.

These pistachios were pretty bad. How bad? There were a few rotten ones, they were mostly dry and crispy and not in a good way.. The quality was not consistent and 2 or 3 were good. It’s also important to note that one had a chemical taste and one was tiny! For 20 pesos though, you get what you pay for !  2/5 for the bee !