Hi Everyone,

Today we are reviewing Nut Walker dry roasted and salted pistachios from the cool town of Pai, a nice stop in backpacker trail in the mountainous northern Thailand. We previously reviewed a few other pistachios in thailand including Pai, how do these compare?




A small bag with a pretty purple reflective color, nutritional facts, and a content description in thai, english, french, spanish, and arabic. It also has a halal certification and a kosher certification.

It’s a product of thailand produced by Heritage Snacks & Foods Co which apparently also makes sunkist pistachios which we reviewed in a previous entry. The pistachios have about 4% sodium and the bag weighs 35g.

Smell and visual aspect

The smell is woody and sweet, the pistachios are quite big and once opened reveal a nice bright green color.



A nice pistachioi flavour, not too salty and quite flavorful with a good hard texture that is not too crunchy.  They taste fresh almost as if they were rained on but maybe that’s just the effect of the rainy season in Thailand.. So yea the flavour is nice and subtle.. a nice safe snack to much on. There were a few closed ones though and could be better with a bit more crunchiness.


These pistachios win a respectable 3.7/5