This is a quick review of Sunkist IN-SHELL Pistachios purchased in Thailand from a gas station in Huat Yai on the way to the beautiful island of Koh Lipe.

These pistachios are apparently roasted and packaged in the Thailand but I suppose they are grown in California by Sunkist Growers Inc.

sunkist pistachios

What can we say about these pistachios ?

The round can lets out a woody and earthy smell after pulling out the tab.. the size of the pistachios is medium with a number of big ones. The shells, a bit beat up and shiny seem to confirm the claim on the can that they are unbleached.

Most pistachios are nicely open with some stray one. The taste is a bit dull and dry, crunchy, but not salty enough or savory. The texture is almost a cashewy texture. Some had some flavour almost a forest flavour (yes if you lick a forest), but very light and not overbearing or extending to all pistachios. What is more obvious is the slightly pasty taste and average taste.


A positive point about these though is that there were no closed or bad pistachios. We give these sunkist pistachios a 2.7/5.

Stay tuned for more reviews of pistachios from south east asia, the middle east and eastern Europe in our pistachio review blog !