Ah Prague, with its pretty architecture, glorious Vltava river, streets, history and lively nights– definitely a great city to visit if you’re in Europe. While the food scene offered some interesting tastes including some really good duck, sausages, and soups, how were the pistachios in Kafka’s city? Let’s find out !


In a pretty touristy market in the center of the city, we found a nut vendor that seemed to have a varied choice of delicious selections. The stand called Andalous was in the corner of the market next to some other stands offering sausages, raclette (melted gooey cheese goodness), and sandwiches.


The pistachios, of course, immediately caught our eye and this stall offered two (natural and salted). The little market stand included many other tasty treats such as BBQ and chili almonds as well as cashews, lavender nuts, hazelnuts and corn.

The first time we passed through this market, we decided to go for the salted pistachios, naturally, and some BBQ and lavender almonds which were also quite good!

Lavender, pistachios, and almonds !
Lavender, pistachios, and almonds !

The pistachios were big, round, and full with a generous dose of salt crystals sticking to the shells which were primarily opened!

Pistachios & almonds in Prague

These bountiful pistachios were crunchy, salty, and ultimately a delightful market treat! I didn’t write many notes on them because I was walking around and eating them but these were simply great.  The BBQ almonds were also really nice.

We give the pistachios 4.2/5.

Are you in Prague? Have you tried these pistachios? Let us know what you thought in the comments.