A cool goat in Oman


We reviewed quite a few number of pistachios in Oman already, some shelled from a market in Oman, some unshelled and more suited for cooking; but today, we are reviewing a small packet of yellow pistachios purchased in one of those small supermarkets during an epic road trip through the fantastically beautiful sultanate.


These are purely Omani pistachios that come in a clear plastic bag. The only colors used for the packaging are red, white, and blue with an interesting logo containing a crescent moon adorned with 6 stars eclipsed by a circle with the letters RHT prominently displayed.

In both arabic and english, some relevant information is written. The fact that it is from the Barka region, packing and expiration dates,  the name of the company Rubua Al Haram Trading, an address, a phone number, as well as a nice message encouraging the happy snacker to keep the city clean.

Visual Aspect

The first thing we notice in this bag is the color of the shells which are very yellow ! There is also a typical dry and woody smell.  The fact that the shells are yellow is interesting and not necessarily a bad sign. Color of the shells is not always a good indicator of taste but we had some bad luck here with pistachios with super white or bleached shells.

Looking inside the bag

Will these yellow ones be tasty?  Once the bag is opened we can see that they look pretty good. A nice medium size.. A nice color profile with a healthy green brown and beige colors. Sprinkled with a pretty salty dust cloud.


The flavor of these pistachios can simply be described as good, especially for the price. We weren’t expecting much from these. One unique thing about the taste of these though is almost cheesy flavor.. or is it just us missing really good cheese? The saltiness and the crunchiness is up there in terms of enjoyment. A flaky crunchiness that is almost biscuity.



These were very enjoyable to eat. So we happily give a score of 4/5 and for 0.45 rials (1.17 USD) they are a bargain !

Are you in Oman? have you tried these pistachios ? Let us know what you thought in the comments!