After the very sad experience of trying out pistachios in Vietnam, today we are reviewing two pistachios from the brand Trong Garden, found in both the countries of Laos & Thailand.

The first pack of pistachios was found in a small store in the town of Viang Veng in Laos. We highly recommend spending sometime in Viang Veng, having a motorcycle ride around and witnessing the sheer beauty of the area.

A lot has been said about Thailand but the ride from Pai to Chiang Mai was memorable, and relaxing on a beach in the island of Koh Lipe was quite nice especially if one is not into parties related to arbitrary moon cycles in other more populous islands. The second pistachios were pistachios were purchased from the town of Pak Bara as we were coming back from Koh Lipe.


Ton Garden Pistachios in Laos

The first pack obtained in Laos let out a sweet smell, a flashback to the pistachios in Vietnam, but thankfully it didn’t have a freshness packet.. a good sign.  The taste however was cold with medium to low crunchiness and a low to medium saltiness. A good pistahchioi taste was present though but that didn’t extend to all of the pistachios. Overall the pistachios weren’t so bad but didn’t provide enough flavor hence the pretty average score of 2.6 /5

Ton Garden Pistachios in Thailand

These are the same brand so naturally they should have the same taste but did they?  These were crunchy, not too salty, a good medium to big size with a pretty basic taste. Not a lot of flavor to be found but they were pretty fresh. They could use more flavor and maybe a bit more saltiness but in general can be described as a good standard overall pistachio.  The big resealable bag is a plus. 2.7/5.