There are beaches and then there is Zipolite.

It is located in the south of the beautiful state of Oaxaca in Mexico. Laid back and tranquil, with strong waves with strong personalities that tumble you into an ecstatic and dreamful  state and push you back to the soft golden sand bordered by impressive rock formations.


Driving along the very windy road between zipolite to Oaxaca city, the van stopped in the mountain town of San Jose where I found a tiny bag of Oaxacan pistachios.  Oaxaca is a beautiful city known for it’s good food, colonial style buildings, cheese, chocolate and mezcal.. but here is what I thought about these pistachios.


A clear, non-resealable plastic film holds together 16 pistachios. The bag is held together with  a  bright yellow label proudly displaying the “made in Mexico logo”, a use by date, and the address and email of the company. The brand is Riquisimos which can roughly be tranwslated to the delicious ones. Let’s see if they live up to their name.


After tearing open the plastic bag, one can notice  a slightly woody smell with a sweet note.

Visual Aspect

Brownish yellow, a small amount of green in good lighting and a pretty small size would describe these pistachios. Most of the pistachios (about 95%) are consistent in size and with a medium opening.


The pistachios have an average salty taste with medium crunchiness and an ok texture.

From the 16 pistachios that this small bag holds, none were moldy or old. While most were average, a few had a sweet almost herbal taste that did not extend to all pistachios.  They have a consistent salty taste and while they did not taste bad, they did not necessarily make me yearn for another bag.  They are certainly better though than the pistachios reviewed in Belize and Guatemala.

Other remarks

A couple closed ones, smallish size.


Good at 15 pesos (about 0.84 usd)  for a tiny bag of 16 pistachios.


I give these pistachios 2.8/5 . The salty taste was good and the slight herby note was nice although it was only found in a few of the pistachios.
Are you in Mexico ? Have you tried these pistachios? let me know in the comments what you thought about them !